Time for Africa to leverage the power of mentorship

Sitting at 30,000 feet flying over the Atlantic after attending a dynamic Techstars and AcceleratingAfrica event in Manhattan, I was left with a lasting impression on the quality of the African entrepreneurs on display as they diligently and effortlessly pitched their business ideas to a diverse and engaged audience. The cohort of entrepreneurs came from […]

How To Ensure Your Business Grows Year After Year

By Christopher Rolfe Director at Christopher Rolfe Advisory YPO member since 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa “How can I grow my business by 30% year-on-year?” “How do I build a strategy that creates long term value for my shareholders?” I often get asked these questions by CEOs and board members whose business growth has […]

The one question African CEOs want an answer to

From Daru to Durban, I often get asked the same questions by African CEOs. “How can I grow my business by 30 per cent year-on-year?” “How do we build a strategy that creates long-term value for shareholders?” In thinking about these questions, I often get the sense that these executives are looking for an answer […]

What funders are looking for in African startups

As economic growth has started to show consistent trends across Africa over the past 10 to 15 years, the continent is finally experiencing decreasing levels of poverty, increased lifespans, improved living conditions, and a brighter future in general.  In order to continue to see this trend improving over the next 50 years, three key elements […]